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Wentlooge Community Council

Clerk:  Maria Mulcahy

Clerks correspondence address: Peterstone Village Hall, Peterstone, Wentlooge, CF3 2TR

Clerks telephone number: 07592 820378


Please note that this is not monitored 24/7 as the Clerk works part-time.  We will respond as soon as we can.  For urgent enquiries if you have been unable to contact the Clerk please email or  telephone the Chairman Mr Brian Miles on 07955 103005.

The Community Council consists of 9 Councillors:

 Chairman Cllr Brian Miles           brian.miles@wentloogecommunitycouncil.co.uk 

 Vice Chairman Cllr Julie Foster   julie.foster@wentloogecommunitycouncil.co.uk

Cllr David Birch                                dave.birch@wentloogecommunitycouncil.co.uk

Cllr Amanda Birch                            amanda.birch@wentloogecommunitycouncil.co.uk

 City Cllr Richard White                                             richard.white@newport.gov.uk
 Tel. No. 01633 680116

 Cllr Judy Clatworthy            judy.clatworthy@wentloogecommunitycouncil.co.uk

Cllr Ann Picton                                ann.picton@wentloogecommunitycouncil.co.uk

Cllr Frank Lovejoy                      frank.lovejoy@wentloogecommunitycouncil.co.uk

Cllr Tony Witchell                       tony.witchell@wentloogecommunitycouncil.co.uk