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Welcome to Wentlooge Community Council serving the communities of St. Brides and Peterstone under the Marshfield Ward in Newport. The area we cover is south
of the main London-Cardiff railway line from Cardiff to Tredegar Park.

Wentlooge, sometimes known as Wentloog, is a rural community in the southwest of the city of Newport, South Wales, between Marshfield and the Severn estuary.

The name Wentlooge is a corruption of the earlier name Gwynllwg, said to have been named after Gwynllyw, its 5th - 6th century ruler.

The community is bounded by Percoed reen to the northwest, the Ebbw River to the northeast, the Bristol Channel to the southeast and the South Wales Main Line to the southwest. It contains the hamlets of St Brides Wentlooge and Peterstone Wentlooge.